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 Getting a Permit Has NEVER been So easy or fun!
Dear Ocala Resident,

Criminals and thugs are taking over our streets. Terrorists and radical extremists are shooting up our churches and terrorizing our businesses. They are using guns to intimidate, control, and murder our loved ones and our fellow citizens.
  • You are 96% more likely to be the victim of a violent crime in Ocala than in any other city in America!
  •  1 in 6 Ocala residents will be the victim of a violent crime
  • Home invasions are on the rise in Ocala
Ocala is more dangerous than Tampa, Gainesville, or any of it's surrounding cities. Illegal drugs, low income, and entitlement attitudes are to blame for the wave of violence spreading over Ocala right now.

If you live in Ocala or the surrounding area, you have two choices: succumb to the criminals and give up your home to move to a safer area - or refuse to be a victim.
How Does the FREE Concealed Carry Class Work?
Here's how easy we make it:
  • Step 1: Register now for our easy, hands-on concealed carry class. Normally $85, we'll waive that fee if you sign up now.
  • Step 2: You pitch in a $20 Range Fee to cover our costs for the class.
  • Step 3: Choose to opt in to our optional Photo & App Correction Service so we can help you get your application perfectly ready and complete! **This option protects from application mistakes and allows you to avoid the long lines and frustration of the DMV** (Optional $20)
Refuse to Be a Victim: Sign Up Now to Keep Yourself and Your Family Safe
Located 41 minutes south of Ocala, we have developed a new training method that will give you the skills you need to become comfortable and confident with carrying daily. Even if you have no experience with shooting, or are intimidated or afraid of guns - this new training method is absolutely perfect for any skill level to become confident.
Uncomfortable or Intimidated by Shooting? Our New and Unique Training Method Removes Those Fears in Minutes!
Don't own any shooting gear? We've LOWERED the Cost of All Rental Gear to Give You NO EXCUSE Not to Register Right Now!
Stay Out of Trouble: Our Lawyer Time Covers EVERY Law You Need to Know!
When we waive our $85 fee, our classes book SOLID. That's why you only have the following amount of time to sign up NOW:
*100% Money Back Guarantee: If You Didn't LOVE Our Class, We'll Give You Your Money Back!
Concealed Carry Class
*Money back guarantee only applies to people who consider themselves patriots. These people stand for the flag and honor our soldiers. If these words offend you, this class is NOT for you.
Andy Hallinan
P.S. This offer is valid to ANY American citizen living in or within a 50 mile radius of Ocala, Florida. Don't wait - we will not be giving FREE Concealed Carry Classes for much longer!
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ONE TIME OFFER ($997): Lets face it. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. In condimentum aliquam arcu, ut pharetra nunc feugiat in. Nam tempor dui non mi mollis vulputate. Donec fermentum arcu ac mauris placerat, quis mattis mi porttitor. Nulla condimentum felis lacus, eu viverra dui congue a. Proin vel augue eu diam egestas finibus quis in ante. Duis at diam blandit, ultricies tellus at, mattis risus. Proin iaculis lectus at aliquet imperdiet.

WATCH: Video Review of New Training Method
Easy to Find: Located Just Minutes from Route 75 in Downtown Inverness, FL
"Finally! A New Training Method So Safe and Easy Even a Complete Beginner Can Get Their Concealed Carry Permit Quickly!"
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